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plastic two liter bottles on a conveyor belt

How to Reuse All Those Plastic Bottles

“Saving the planet” has turned from a cool slogan into a necessity. The amount of waste we produce each year is only going to increase so it is important to come up with novel ways to recycle. Apart from recycling waste, we can save the planet it by reducing consumption and reusing items such as […]

stinky fridge

How to Remove Rotten Meat Odor From Your Fridge or Freezer

Don’t get rid of that smelly fridge just yet! You may think you have tried everything to get rid of the odor, but here’s one more idea…

6 of our Favorite DIY Lifehacks from Reddit

We’re a big fan of the life hacks that Reddit users post on a daily basis. We’ve collected a few of our favorites for you.

oil extractor pump

Easy Boat Oil Change Using an Oil Extractor Pump

It’s difficult or near impossible to drain the oil on many engines. You can use a pump to extract the oil out of the engine in a way that’s cleaner than traditional oil changes.

high radon reading

How to Measure Your Own Radon Levels

Whether you’re considering Radon mitigation or not, it’s still a good idea to at least have the facts about your home’s radon levels, especially if you’re in a high-radon area.

Does the cat scratching at the litter box wake you up at night?

If the sound of your cat’s claws against the plastic litter box wakes you up at night, check out this $15 solution!

Lawnmower Carburetor Leaking Gas? The Quick Fix.

If your lawnmower is losing gas overnight, but there are no visible signs of it, it’s likely your carburetor has a slow leak. Here’s the 5-minute fix.

5 Free Shipping Home Improvement Products that might surprise you

You might be surprised to find these home improvement products offer free 2-day shipping at prices less than retail.

Replacing your projector bulb / lamp the cheap way

Don’t let the manufacturer trick you into spending $300+ for a new projector lamp.

camping firewood (featured home only)

Pack in your own firewood for camping

Unless you have a pickup truck, bringing along firewood for your camping trip is messy and inconvenient. Here’s a little tip we just picked up.