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HGTVs Color of the Month Is In Full Bloom

With spring days finally upon us, our color team looked…

Terms of the Trade: What Is a Joist?

In the world of architecture and construction, joists are integral. They’re a series of strong lengths of lumber, steel or sometimes even concrete running parallel to the ceiling, floors and beams they support. Joists can be considered the skeleton of a house, floor, or ceiling because they support the surrounding structure (and everything we fill that structure with). Therefore, they require replacement if they are damp, sag, or show signs of termite decay or a general loss of structural integrity. .

Weekend Projects: 5 Unique Coasters You Can Easily Create

In bars and restaurants, drink coasters often bear the logos and slogans of popular beverage brands. At home, DIY coa…

Hot Deal: Craftsman DynaGlide Heavy Duty Ball Bearing Tool Storage

We came across a great deal on Craftsman’s red and black themed DynaGlide ball bearing tool storage chests and rolling cabinet! Read More



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