From Tiles to Toilets: 10 Contemporary Bathroom Design Trends

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If you have been tinkering with the idea of a bathroom remodeling for quite a while, then maybe this is the time to take the next step and go all out. There are a whole load of new design styles this year and many things that have been around for quite a while are being replaced by new looks, designs and cool ideas for your bathroom space. Renovating your bathroom does not require a complete overhaul, a few simple things such as swapping some wall lights, the taps or the wallpaper can completely change the ambiance to something brand new.

The year has brought with it a whole range of new styles and collections and designers moving away from angular shapes and lines to flowing shapes. So, whatever your style may be, whether you love a patterned look or pastel shades or a natural space, our trends have got you covered.

Gold Fixtures

Gold fixtures are back in style and offer a subtle and classy way to glam up your bathroom. Shades of gold and brass and taking over everything in the bathroom – from the faucets, sinks, toilets, just about anything. A simple way to add gold to your bathroom is by building it up gradually. Begin with the hard-wired fittings, a light fixture or a faucet and then layer on the accessories. The warm-toned gold fixtures are guaranteed to add just the correct bit of depth and luxury to your bathroom.

The warmer brass-gold accents are preferred by most homeowners compared to the polished shiny chrome that give a more modern, sleek and cool look. The gold fixtures come in spun gold, matte and satin finishes that add to the classic charm of your bathroom.

Natural Finishes

bathroom natural finishes
Raw and unrefined finishes can give a break from cold and hard surfaces that are usually found in bathrooms. Wood is a great option. But opt for darker timbers having a rough surface or with a vintage stain. This can add a bit of history and old-world charm to your bathroom. You can also make use of porcelain tiles with the wood look, but it should have a textured finish which can help to recreate the right kind of “natural”.

Industrial Styled Vanities and Fixtures

The industrial style is very current and contemporary and this type of design is slated to become quite popular. The wooden accents, metal finish and hip tile patterns — it’s easy to see why this look is in. The edgy but classy trend fits perfectly with the modern, sleek and contemporary look. You can pair industrial sinks with brass and gold accents, splashes of color, funky-patterned tiles and fixtures in matte black to make the look even more modern. The industrial look is great for small-sized apartments and will even look great for your bathroom in the hall. Look out for this trendy, urbanized style!

Wooden Accents

Gray palettes are gradually moving out of the home and making way for warmer wood accents and tones. You can use wood to complement bathrooms that are green, blue, white and in any dark color. Wood accents go very well with industrial and vintage styles too. Wood instantly adds classic old-world charm and traditional style to any modern-looking bathroom.

Compact Storage Spaces

wood bathroom storage
If you’re fed up with your messy, overflowing and cramped cabinets, the current bathroom trends reveal minimized storage spaces with clean lines and lesser space requirement. Simple, compacted shelves, cabinets and storage spaces encourage you to be minimalistic in your habits. Not only will this style help you to be very organized, the reduced clutter can also reduce stress levels too.

Even if the other rooms in your home is not minimalistic, your bathroom is your haven of relaxation and compacted storage can make your bathroom just that. The use of modern wall shelves, hidden cabinets and having your vanity under the space storage will help to make your bathroom feel less cluttered and will make it more organized, open and inviting.

Splashes of Color

As the trend moves further away from tones of gray, there is bound to be a rise in color in bathrooms. The trend is more splashes of colorful fixtures, accents and accessories. Splashes of color go very nicely with light or dark neutral shades. Today, blue and green kitchens are becoming extremely popular. You can see this trend in bathrooms too. The color that you choose can help to set the mood. Splashes of blue can help to increase the serenity and calm of your spaces and can help you relax, while green accentuates nature and wellness. You can use other fun colors to boost your creativity and mood and splashes of color is a fantastic way to add a colorful twist to your otherwise drab and dull bathroom.

Tile Patterns and Shapes

Today, tiles are available in all sorts of patterns and designs, right from classic, to cool to funky, name it and you have it. But now, tiles are going beyond just colors and graphics. New tile shapes are the mantra of the day and this trend is sure to make your bathroom really interesting. While the use of tiles in bathrooms is making a comeback, but the large-format tiles and subway tiles are things of the past.

There are plenty of newer and more interesting and funky tile shapes to choose from. You can choose from chevron patterns, hexagon, diamond, arabesque, Moroccan fish scales and colorful mosaic, the list goes on. And, not only can these tiles be used on your bathroom floor, you can use them on your shower walls, bathroom backsplashes and also create accents on the ceilings and walls. So, if you’re looking for a way to liven up the look of your bathroom, differently shaped tiles are the way to go this season.

Pretty Sherbet Shades

While splashes of color may be trending, some prefer to have one color all over. The trend of doing up the bathroom is shades of pink and blush is still prevalent. While blush is quite a popular hue, rose gold is another color that is becoming very trendy. Now, you can match your drawer pulls, faucets and also your bathtub with your latest iPhone! This color trend is definitely going places.

Sherbet hues are also making a huge comeback. When you think of pastels with a funky twist, it brings back the era of high-living, glamor and glitz – pool parties, huge convertibles and glitzy homes. The best part of sherbet shades in your bathroom is that it works extremely well with metallic fixtures. You could try a mix of pink with taps in spun gold, the effect is sure to be nothing short of stunning and will take your bathroom to a new level of oomph.

Open Showers and Large Bathtubs

Today, the trend is to have more space in the bathroom and all design styles are all about big and open. And, this is probably the key reason as to why homeowners turn to bathroom remodeling. Using compact storage options can give you more space to expand your shower or bath.

Open Showers

open showers
While open showers help to increase the size and space of your bathroom visually, it also gives you plenty of space and convenience. The days of worrying that you will slip over your bathtub while getting off it is long gone. Open showers are a great solution to this. While some people may find an open shower design to be lacking in privacy, many others enjoy the increased shower space and the open, unfettered feeling.

Large Bathtubs

What can be better than winding down completely and relaxing after a long tiring day? And, what could be a better place than your own bathroom? Replacing your shower cubicle or your existing small bathtub with a large one can give you more space to chill out, relax and unwind. Today, jacuzzi-style bathtubs are no longer as popular as they used to be in the past. We are seeing a shift in the trend towards big bathtub styles.

Asymmetrical Mirrors

The trend in mirrors is going asymmetrical. Geometrical and unique shapes of mirrors are in vogue. But it does not end there, like the rest of the bathroom, mirrors are also turning smarter. You have mirrors with smart touch, anti-fog technology, USB charging ports, etc. The days of plated mirrors are long gone, you can get as creative as possible with uniquely shaped frames and you can pick any style you want.

But the most important part about bathroom mirrors is the lighting. Having a trendy and stylish bathroom means nothing if you are not perfect. While it’s all good to have gadgets, fun shapes and cool looks, in the end, functionality is the key. Today, contemporary back-lit mirrors and also mirrors with front lights are becoming very popular. While the back-lit mirrors are more subtle and the lighting is optimal. Front lights are cooler and more creative; however, they may take away from the asymmetrical shape of the mirror.

So, that brings us to the end of our 10 contemporary bathroom design trends and we hope that it has inspired to you give your bathroom a makeover and get the bathroom of your dreams.



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