A DIY Closet Shoe Rack in Under 10 Minutes

Before you get too excited and start shopping for more shoes to fill this amazing 10-minute shoe rack, you should be aware of the prerequisites to this project…


  1. That you have a bookshelf you no longer use or can obtain one at a garage sale.
  2. That you are more interested in shoes than old books that nobody reads.
  3. That you have 10 minutes of time.
  4. That you know how to turn something 90 degrees.

Step 1 – Find an Old Bookshelf

Take a good hard look at the bookshelf sitting in your home office or den. Ask yourself, do I ever read those books? Don’t books stack on the ground better than shoes do?

If you don’t have an old bookshelf, check out Craigslist or do a couple garage sale drive-bys to see if you get lucky.

The number of shelves and dividers is key. The more the bookshelf is divided, the better it will look as a shoe rack.

Step 2 – Consider removing the back, if it has one

You don’t want your shoes to look all dark and gloomy! By removing the back of the bookshelf and positioning it a couple inches from your closet wall, you will allow light to get behind your shoes.

Step 3 – Carry the bookshelf to your closet

There are posts all over the Internet about how to carry things and walk on two feet at the same time. So, we won’t repeat that information here.

Step 4 – Make it a shoe rack

Decide if you want to turn it 90° to fill more wall space and/or add decorative hooks, allowing you to put more than one pair of shoes in the divided spaces.

If you’re really looking to spice things up, drop a Page-A-Day Shoe Calendar in one of the spaces!



Step 5 – Put your shoes in it!


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