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Removing Small Stumps without Grinding or Using Your Vehicle

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A couple years back, we posted an easy way to remove shrubs or bushes using your vehicle.

While we still stand behind that method, it may not always be feasible or would require too much work to clean up ruts in the grass that the vehicle made.

Beyond that, not everybody has a vehicle capable of pulling a stump.

Removing Shrubs or Stumps with a Winch

Another option to consider is to use a winch to pull your bush, shrub or small stump.

I got a 4-8,000 pound manual winch on Amazon for under $50 and a couple of tow straps as well.

As you can see in the video below, I wrapped one end of the tow strap around an existing stump that I had.

I then wrapped the other strap around the shrub stomp I was trying to remove.

Then, joined the two straps together with my winch in the middle.

It didn’t take too much effort to start cranking the winch and hear movement in the shrub roots.

After about a dozen cranks on the winch, I was able to easily remove the shrub stump by hand.



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