DIY Bathroom Vanity from Old Nightstands

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Furniture-style bathroom vanities look incredible. Unfortunately, they’re also incredibly expensive.

We recently remodeled our bathroom and quickly chewed up our budget on tile, shower trim and faucet. With almost nothing left for the bathroom vanity, we had to get creative.

My aunt gave us some old furniture a while back, including two traditional-style night stands. They were a bit small to work as a vanity, but cut the legs off one and stack it on the other, and you’ve got something!

But, there’s a problem. The top two drawers compete for space with the drop-in sink and drain. We were on a mission though, a mission of frugality. It was time to break out the jigsaw and start modifying those drawers!

Here’s what we came up with.

For the top drawer, our first inclination was to make it a false drawer. Remove the drawer front and screw it to the vanity.

That presented an accessibility problem though. We’d have a difficult time if we ever needed to access the plumbing behind the top drawer. So, we made some modifications and turned it into the perfect place for toothpaste, hair ties or anything small and flat.

The second drawer didn’t need as much work. The sink drain would have to pass down the middle of it, so we decided to divide the drawer into 3 parts – left, middle (for drain) and right.

I created dividers out of some woods scraps and pocket hole joined them to the face and rear of the drawer.

Check it out!

top-vanity-drawer vanity modified-drawer




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