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Building a Man Cave Inside Your Home

Building a man cave is just as exciting as all the time you’ll spend in it having fun with your mates. Whether you choose to build a man cave in the basement or in the garage, there a few tips to help the renovation go smoothly. There are certain entertainment units and home improvement projects that fit into the man den better than others and here are just a few of them.

Purchasing the perfect bar with a built-in fridge

Perhaps the first thing that comes to every man’s mind is installing a bar. This is the ultimate man cave addition but you shouldn’t just buy the first bar you come across. Your dream bar should be made from wood but feature chromed elements like the foot rail. Ask the sellers if they have any barstools to go with the bar and they might offer you a discount if you purchase the whole set.

If you wish the bar to be something really exclusive, apart from an in-built beer tap, there should be a refrigerator build inside the bar. You are going to have to install a fridge anyway so why not solve two problems in a single go, i.e. purchase. Finally, a good bar will also feature storage space for extra beer kegs.

man cav accessories

Creating an arcade section

When it comes to video games, don’t go for modern game consoles but try to revive the spirit of the (gaming) past. You and your friends probably spent hours at the arcades when little so why not throw in an arcade machine (or two). You can go on a real scavenger hunt to find as many old games as possible. If you’re not feeling that much nostalgic, then there are excellent VR entertainment centers available online.

Open arrangement seating

The whole point of creating a man cave is to have a place for your mates when they come over. In order to accommodate as many people as possible, place seating in an open arrangement. Instead of putting the couch and upholstered chairs in the center of the basement or a garage, place them against the walls to save on open space. This way, you won’t have any dead zones and room will open for interactive additions for your mantuary.

Setting up a home gym

It is easier for ladies to create a gym at home since all they need is a yoga mat and a set of dumbbells. For men, setting up a home gym is slightly more complicated but definitely achievable. Leaving enough space in your man den for exercise machines or a boxing bag is a good way to start. Stay focused and choose the machines you are actually going to use.

man cave barbell with weights

A central game table

A couch with a widescreen plasma TV in front of it and a gym are all nice but you need an entertainment unit that will take center stage. This choice depends on your preference but everything from a pool table to a poker table will serve the purpose just fine. In fact, you can always change the central game table with another sport by selling a pool table, for instance, and then using the money you got to buy a foosball table.

Luxurious LEDs

Finally, you should ditch the old incandescent lightbulbs and go for LED strips. They are cheap to acquire and can be installed anywhere you like. If you build a home gym, then you’ll definitely hang a large mirror that can be illuminated using a colorful LED strip, much like Hollywood stars have those tacky vanity mirrors in their dressing rooms. A touch of glamour could not hurt your man cave’s interior design.

The 6 improvements listed here should be the starting point of creating your ideal man cave. After you create a home gym, place LED strips all over the place, and build a bar, you’ll earn the respect of all your mates!

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