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DIY Tips Collection #1 – May 2015

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  1. After reviewing a number of different smoke alarm placement instructions, it seems that it’s okay to put one in the kitchen, if you have a larger kitchen. Essentially, the smoke alarm needs to be at least 10 feet away from the stove.
  2. When a toilet continues to “sweat” after it’s been used, it could be an improperly adjusted tank valve or a leak.
  3. A great tip for beginner woodworkers that are getting into routers. Put the router fence to the router’s left, as the router naturally wants to sneak to the left.
  4. A simple rule to avoid clutter in any space, including garage, workshop or pantry: Make sure you can see everything. Stack items as necessary, make sure nothing is hidden.
  5. Have an upcoming tile job? After mixing grout for tile, allow the grout to stand for 15 minutes before using it. It allows any dry areas that didn’t get mixed properly to absorb as much water as possible before use.
  6. If you’re doing tile, there’s a good chance you’ll be replacing a toilet. After removing the toilet, stuff a rag into the opening to block sewer gasses until your new toilet is in place.
  7. Most people associate ripping wood with a table saw. But, there’s a safer tool for the job.
    The bandsaw can tackle smaller jobs without the risk of kickback from the blade. They’re also typically more affordable and portable than table saws.
  8. Trouble removing disposable gloves. Or, maybe you’d prefer they be a little less “disposable”?
    Add a little talcum powder to them before you put them on. You’ll find they come off a little easier and will have less tendency to break when removing them.
  9. If your shower head is spraying unevenly, it could be clogged with mineral deposits. Try cleaning the holes with a coarse needle.
  10. Want a quick way to remove rust that’s safe for many surfaces? Try 320-grit sandpaper. Finish with a finer grit to remove any scratches if necessary.


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