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Does the cat scratching at the litter box wake you up at night?

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This post is a little off-beat. When we think of DIY projects, cats in litter boxes typically don’t come to mind.

But being a successful DIYer starts with a good night’s sleep! And that can’t happen if the sound of your cat scratching against the sides of the litter box wakes you up at night.

You would think a solution would exist for this. I looked all over the place for litter boxes that were made of a material other than plastic.

The closest solution is the “enclosed” litter box that is really designed to be more decorative than soundproof.

Necessity being the mother of invention and all, I decided to try my luck at solving this problem. It turns out that the solution is unbelievably simple and cost-effective…

Flex Seal can help you sleep better at night, literally

The Flex Seal commercials are almost humorous. There’s no way I’m riding in any boat that has a giant hole in it, only to be repaired by Flex Seal!

In my case though, Flex Seal was the first product that came to mind when I wanted to “rubberized” our cat litter box.

Run a cat’s claw against plastic and it’s almost an ear piercing sound. A cat’s claw against a rubber surface, however, is practically unnoticeable.

Sand it Down

A general rule of thumb is that products will stick better to a surface that is scuffed and dull than bright and shiny.

So grab an old or leftover piece of sandpaper and scuff up all areas of the inside of the litter box.

Grab a Paint Brush

Having never used Flex Seal before, I thought I could just dump it in the litter box and kind a swish it around to cover the bottom.

Not the case!

You want to have an old paint brush or some kind of spreader to move the Flex Seal around after you pour it out. Make sure to coat the walls of the litter box as high as possible.

Suffer for One More Night!

Unfortunately, Flex Seal takes a while to dry. Especially if you laid it on there pretty thick. Give it a full 24 hours before dumping any litter onto it.

It’ll all be worth it when you get that beautifully sound sleep the following night!



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