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6 of our Favorite DIY Lifehacks from Reddit

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  1. find tiny items

    Find Small Items with a Vacuum Cleaner

    Fit a pantyhose leg, mosquito net or other breathable material over the wand of your vacuum cleaner. The vacuum cleaner can then be used to “draw in” small objects without actually sucking them up.


  2. Fake Basement Window

    Brighten Up That Dark and Gloomy Basement

    If your basement isn’t very welcoming due to a lack of natural light, you may not need to hire a block mason to install windows just yet. With some some old frosted glass windows and a flat panel LED light, you can create the illusion of natural light!


  3. blind repair

    Repair Ripped Blinds with Bread Clips

    Cut the bread clip down so that it will fit over the hole in your blinds. Then superglue the clip to the blind.

    This works great if you only have one repair. For anything more, just get some cheap blind repair tabs on Amazon.


  4. storing wires & cables

    Store Wires & Cables with Toilet Paper Rolls

    Start saving those bare toilet paper rolls! Smaller cables fit nicely without having to zip or bread tie them. You can also label them easily. We’ve seen this hack on Reddit a few times before, so it must be popular.

    If you collect too many toilet paper rolls, don’t despair. You can use them as wrapping paper cuffs.


  5. pool noodle door safety

    Save Little Fingers with a Pool Noodle

    Rip cut a pool noodle and you’ve got a $1 child safety bumper. Put it up high on the door so kids aren’t able to reach it. The top of the door may even work.

    This is especially handy if you want your kids doors to remain ajar.


  6. drill pencil sharpener

    The Electric Pencil Sharpener You Didn’t Know You Owned

    It’s hard to say what this Redditor is spinning the pencil tip against (perhaps a sanding block). The alternative is to use the drill to spin a pencil sharpener bit.





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