Exterior & Landscape

Vinyl Lattice – Install and forget

vinyl lattice installation

Vinyl Lattice is an excellent way to improve your deck, porch or garden aesthetics in a maintenance-free way. The installation differs from wood lattice in a few important ways.


Stripping paint

paint stripper

I set out to strip the 30 year old paint on my front porch today thinking that, with the help of a chemical stripper, it would be as easy as erasing a chalkboard. Well, it’s not! The Paint Stripper Spray Stripper I started out with a spray stripper. This product came in a 1/2 gallon […]

Platform / Storage Bed

Bed Frame Electrical – Adding Outlets

bed frame electrical outlets

Adding outlets to the bed frame gives “power naps” a whole new meaning. This requires a leap of faith in your own skill as a DIYer, to put down the saw and pick up a voltmeter. It’s not as difficult as you’d imagine, but requires an in-depth knowledge of electrical codes.

Platform / Storage Bed

Installing the Bed Frame Drawer Components

attaching drawer glides

Putting drawer slides on a drawer is a two step process. I’ll break it down and explain in detail how to attach one half of the drawer slide to the drawer itself, then attach the other half to the frame.

Platform / Storage Bed

Finish coating the platform storage bed

Finish Coating Platform Bed

Polyurethane is an inexpensive way to protect your wood project. We’ll explain the why’s and how’s so you get it right the first time.