Quick Tips

DIY Tips Collection #1 – May 2015

DIY Tips

Our very first DIY Tips collection. We hope to continue this effort, providing quick, easy to understand tips that will add to your overall knowledge as a do-it-yourselfer.

Exterior & Landscape

Trimming high tree branches


Have you’ve ever been crazy enough to stand on top of a ladder, holding a chainsaw with one hand stretched high above your head as the blade shreds a tree limb thicker than a caveman’s neck? If you answered “yes”, read on. There is an easier, and much safer way. This method doesn’t involve any gas-to-oil […]

Exterior & Landscape

Vinyl Lattice – Install and forget

vinyl lattice installation

Vinyl Lattice is an excellent way to improve your deck, porch or garden aesthetics in a maintenance-free way. The installation differs from wood lattice in a few important ways.


Stripping paint

paint stripper

I set out to strip the 30 year old paint on my front porch today thinking that, with the help of a chemical stripper, it would be as easy as erasing a chalkboard. Well, it’s not! The Paint Stripper Spray Stripper I started out with a spray stripper. This product came in a 1/2 gallon […]

Platform / Storage Bed

Bed Frame Electrical – Adding Outlets

bed frame electrical outlets

Adding outlets to the bed frame gives “power naps” a whole new meaning. This requires a leap of faith in your own skill as a DIYer, to put down the saw and pick up a voltmeter. It’s not as difficult as you’d imagine, but requires an in-depth knowledge of electrical codes.