Platform / Storage Bed

Making a Platform / Storage Bed

Planning the Bed Platform, Storage, Headboard & Footboard

Planning the platform bed project, with drawer storage, electrical, headboard and footboard for around $300.

bed frame 2x3

Building the Frame

With our plan of attack in place, I was ready for the first step, creating the frame. We decided to avoid 3/4″ plywood construction after witnessing other plywood-based furniture projects fail under load. Opting for 2-by construction made sense.

platform bed drawer openings

The sides and drawer openings

I opted to use a sheet of cabinet grade plywood. The 24″ width created by splitting the plywood down the middle was the perfect height for the bed frame. The difference here is that instead of “creating” the drawer opening by surrounding it with solid wood stiles and rails, I would be cutting the opening out of the plywood sheet.

Platform Bed Footboard

The Footboard

The footboard will consist of a face frame and a plywood backer panel. See the five general steps used to prepare and build the platform bed footboard.

Headboard - Platform Bed

The Headboard

Building the headboard involves many of the same techniques as used in creating the platform bed footboard. The headboard, however will be raised a good two feet above the top of the mattress.

drawer box construction

Building the Drawer Box

For a novice, drawer construction is probably the most time consuming and thought provoking process of a given project. If not the construction itself, making sure the dimensions for the drawer opening, box, front and glides are all correct adds a level of difficulty that takes almost any simple project to the next level.

sanding bed frame

Sanding the Bed Frame Components

A few sanding tips that the average DIY homeowner can take advantage of to greatly reduce sanding time.

wood staining

Wood staining your finished project

15 Tips to bring your staining skills to the next level. This post is geared toward complete novice’s who have never picked up a can of stain.

Finish Coating Platform Bed

Finish coating the platform storage bed

Polyurethane is an inexpensive way to protect your wood project. We’ll explain the why’s and how’s so you get it right the first time.

attaching drawer glides

Installing the Bed Frame Drawer Components

Putting drawer slides on a drawer is a two step process. I’ll break it down and explain in detail how to attach one half of the drawer slide to the drawer itself, then attach the other half to the frame.

bed frame electrical outlets

Bed Frame Electrical – Adding Outlets

Adding outlets to the bed frame gives “power naps” a whole new meaning. This requires a leap of faith in your own skill as a DIYer, to put down the saw and pick up a voltmeter. It’s not as difficult as you’d imagine, but requires an in-depth knowledge of electrical codes.